Our Story

The Beginning

As my technology career was winding down, I began to travel to Africa and the Middle East in support of efforts I was very drawn to.  Over the handful of years of going back and forth from the US, the realization of the miracle and gift of our abundant bounty of food began to sink deep inside me as it I saw it juxtaposed with so many other places in the world experiencing great lack.

I live west of the Pecos river, in what is most commonly known as Far West Texas, and out here we provide some of the best beef available anywhere in the world.  Today you get that beef as USDA prime at your grocery store or in fine restaurants. You don’t know the ranches who work with such skill and dedication — no one gets to appreciate how gently the animals live, how careful the ranchers are with the land or how deeply ranchers care about the product they are providing.


My great awakening was to marry these two passions.  We would like to bring you extraordinary quality beef cuts so that you can enjoy unique culinary experiences that come directly from the ranch.  And we will use 90% of the profit to bring hope in the form of food to Africa and the Middle East.

Join us on this journey!

I hope you will join us on this journey.  We have tried to create a treasure trove of information here about the Ranches, the land and the quality you will be able to expect from your Ranch to Table Delivery.  We will post recipes with videos on how to prepare meals every month, we will keep you up to date on our products, and we will make you a part of the mission of hope in the form of food every step of the way.

We are beginning with two organizations I have supported for years and know that they are tirelessly serving the great needs they claim to serve.

Supporting Refuges

First, we will support the Kurdish and Syrian refugees who are trapped currently in Lebanon through an organization called Heart for Lebanon.  As turmoil churns with increasing velocity families live in tents wondering where their next meal is coming from.  The problem is big and is being tackled by many organizations.  Heart for Lebanon has been in the country since 2006 when the war in Syria first started heating up.  Lebanon’s need for funds to provide food for the growing influx of Kurds and Syrians is daunting and you can be a part of making a difference.

Feeding Orphans

Second, we will support boys who have come off the streets in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo.  War and disease have left thousands of children with no place to go, no hope.  In God’s Heart has been in Lubumbashi for over a decade providing food, education and shelter for these lost boys.  Far West Texas Cattle Co. will be providing funds to feed these boys from the profits of your Ranch to Table deliveries.  We will keep you posted on the children you are impacting.

From our abundance we can bring hope in the form of food into some of the darkest situations on earth.

Supporting Our Local Community

Far West Texas Cattle Co. is located in Alpine Texas. I live in Marfa Texas which is one town over from Alpine. It’s a beautiful half hour drive through the mountains from one town to the next (yes, Texas has mountains). Fort Davis is the third city in our community that completes a triangle with everything being a half hour away from everything else. We made a decision to support all three local food banks with monthly donations of 50 to 100 pounds of beef every month. Extra fresh local beef for the families in need is a big bonus and we are thrilled to be a part of feeding people right here at home.