About Our Ranches

Brite Ranch

Established by L.C Brite in 1885 and family owned and operated for 5 generations, the Brite Ranch is a proud producer of commercial Hereford cattle. The scenic ranch is located south of Valentine, Texas, on the Sierra Vieja rim, just a few miles from the Rio Grande.

The cattle produced by the ranch today are a product of efforts started by L.C. Brite, when he closed the herd to prevent hoof and mouth disease in 1915. He then began to raise his own bulls, and created a careful system of line-breeding. The White family continues the practice to this day, 107 years later. With constant selection, their program develops cattle with a focus on fertility, longevity, performance, heavy pigmentation, and gentle dispositions. Brite cattle are well adapted to the semi-arid climate and landscape of the Chihuahuan desert, enabling them thrive in harsh conditions.

The White family is proud to be in partnership with Far West Texas Cattle Co. and to be able to provide their home-raised beef locally. You can learn more about the Brite Ranch here:


Alamito Foundation

The landscape at the Alamito Creek is one of the many natural treasures of the Big Bend region. Our second mission is the restoration and preservation of this riparian area as well as the connected land within its watershed. Landowners, agribusinesses, hunters and naturalist all have a vested interest in the health and vibrance of this ecosystem. The Alamito Foundation aspires to become a catalyst for communication, education and experimentation which will lead to the improvement of this region for grazing, wildlife and the perpetual enjoyment of this unique habitat.

We are so glad to be able to partner with these high quality cattlemen and honored to carry their product to you.


Dixon Water Foundation

The Dixon Water Foundation Mimms Ranch encompasses 16,000 acres on the northwest edge of Marfa in Presidio County, an area that boasts some of Texas’ finest rangeland. The Mimm’s ranch is a precious piece of the Chihuahuan Desert.

The Dixon Water Foundation promotes healthy watersheds through sustainable land management to ensure future generations have the water resources they need. Toward this end, cattle are the tool used to create healthier land and healthier watersheds.

Dixon follows nature’s lead. Thier cattle imitate the grazing habits of migratory bison. Over the course of a year, Dixon rotates the herd between small pastures enclosed with electric fencing. Environmental factors, such as rainfall and grass growth, help them to determine how often the cattle should be moved and what size the pastures should be. The cows graze each pasture for a brief period, after which the grass is given time to fully regrow.

The steers Far West Texas Cattle Co. offers as grass-fed/grass-finished come from the Dixon Water Foundation.  These steers are finished on the land, a process that takes an extra six months. Further, the breeding at the Dixon Water Foundation of the cattle is extraordinary.  Casey Wade, the ranch director, has been nationally recognized for his work in seeking to breed cattle that are suited to the desert grasses and are of the right stature for the environment while creating the highest levels of beef quality.

Tate Cattle Co.

Tate Cattle Co. has been ranching the Marfa Plateau for over 30 years.

The partners Rick Tate and Teryn Meunch are committed to raising healthy drug-free cattle. They have over 200 black cows, mainly angus.

Teryn has an intimate knowledge of the stock, he can tell you how each one was born, details of their life experience, even where they like to wander to take a break away from the herd.

Teryn retired from IT 15 years ago and became a full time cowboy. He was mentored by Rick, learning the business side of the cattle company, learning the unique aspects of West Texas cattle ranching and how to ranch sustainably.

It is a family enterprise. The Tate family and the Muench family are fully engaged in raising healthy, drug free cattle and their children are learning the ways of ranching that will eventually lead to them stepping up into positions of responsibility.

In every successful family-enterprise the role of the wife is crucial. There’s a saying out there –“every good rancher has a wife who works in town.” Meaning, making a living from cattle goes up and down, and a supplemental income makes really good sense.

We are so glad to be able to partner with these high quality cattlemen and honored to carry their product to you.

Pictured: Rick Tate