Ranch to Table

Experience what beef was meant to be.

Ranchers we know.

For FWTCC, Ranch-to-Table means we personally know every rancher we purchase our steers from.  We know and have lived with these ranchers as neighbors and friends for years.

Cattle we know.

We also know exactly how the cattle are handled – without pesticides, without unnecessary drugs or chemicals and with great respect both for the animal and the land.

Care we know.

At FWTCC there are no middle men between you and your beef. No feeding lots, no big food distributor,  warehouse or retail handlers.  It is literally from the ranchers around here who care about feeding the world, through us, to you.

Our Mission

From our table to the world.

The USA is a place of bountiful food.  Our grocery stores and restaurants are a cornucopia of rich vegetables, fruits and meats. Far West Texas Cattle Co. is an opportunity for us to share the bounty of our table with those struggling for survival. Towards this goal, we are committing 90% of our profit to bring hope in the form of food to Africa and the Middle East, beginning with Lebanon and the DRC.

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